2baf0f640092475694a5beee4bb0d0f7_6I am a Glasgow-based journalist. I have reported from cities across the world, including Beirut, Cairo, Freetown and Madrid.

I have lived and worked across the Middle East, in particular, reporting on the likes of Lebanon’s Palestinian refugees, Cairo’s street children and honour killings in Jordan. In 2003, I was based in Lebanon during the second Gulf War. In 2006 and 2007, I was commissioned by Unicef Egypt and Unicef Tunisia respectively to write their fundraising information packs. And in 2010, I travelled to Freetown in Sierra Leone to write about the city’s war amputees and research my 2014-published book, In The Shadow Of The Cotton Tree: A Diary of Second World War Sierra Leone.

Today, I write regularly for the likes of Al Jazeera online and Abu Dhabi’s The National on issues pertaining to the Middle East, Brexit, the Scottish independence debate and other social, political and health topics currently resonating across Scotland, the UK and beyond. Recent stories include Israel’s 70th anniversary as a nation-state, the 100th anniversary of the Spanish flu, the fate of EU nationals in the UK after the Brexit vote, a profile of one-time UK prime minister Theresa May and the plight of women across the world suffering from mesh implant complications.

I have had by-lines in numerous international publications, including BBC online, The Irish Times, The Guardian, The Christian Science Monitor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Glasgow’s The Herald, The Herald on Sunday and the once-published Sunday Herald and various in-flight magazines.

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