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“The diary and poems written by Jack Rillie in Sierra Leone, in 1940-41, give a candid, shocking expression of the terrible necessity of war, futility, valour, stripped of romantic gloss; above all, Rillie’s hope for the future sustained by love of his young bride left behind in Scotland. Alasdair Soussi has edited sensitively, with great skill, his grandfather’s diary and poems, as a tribute to the early work of a crucially influential figure; an unsung hero of Scotland’s post-war literary scene.”

Alexander Maitland, author of Wilfred Thesiger – The Life of the Great Explorer

“For those interested in personal accounts of wartime experiences, [In The Shadow Of The Cotton Tree] is revealing in a less predictable way.”

Lesley McDowell, Sunday Herald

Coming soon: my biography of international Scottish artist, lover and intrepid traveller, James McBey (1883-1959), for Scotland Street Press in Edinburgh.

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